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Dr Massimiliano Fusari / | The Image As Storytelling

Space of Me. Personal project - © Fusari / Massimedia, 2009-2012


Massimiliano Fusari is a digital consultant, educator, communication scholar and results-driven visual storyteller with experience from Morocco to China.

This page is a direct link to a wide variety of PDF documents, including biography, CV, portraits and logo, consulting activities, exhibitions, for public usage.

They can be downloaded selectively or all together in ZIP file of roughly 130 MB.


Fusari's Biography

Single page

100 words

50 words

The three versions in PDF



Single page

Professional CV - 2 pages

Academic CV

Research Statement

Public engagement and publications


Portraits And Logos

Vertical for Web resolution

Horizontal for Web resolution

Vertical for print resolution

Horizontal for print resolution

Massimedia, the M logo at print resolution

Massimedia, the full logo at print resolution


Consulting Activities

Editing Visual Communication - most popular workshop delivered in various forms and formats since 2012

Visual Storytelling

Digital Diplomacy



Complete list of exhibitions


The Cairo Tentmakers

Most recent exhibition. Link to the photographic slideshow, and catalogue.

The online interactive platform, and brief presentation to the project.

The most recent 2-month show at the London Brunei Gallery, attended by 7,000 people. Photos of opening. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6] and [7].


The Hawzas

Link to the photographic slideshow, and a brief presentation to the project.

The exhibition opened at the University of Exeter and was on view at the universities of Oxford and Durham, at the Royal Asiatic Society of London, and at the British Museum.

Over 10,000 people visited it at the Brunei Gallery in 2012.

Pictures from the opening in the presence of HH Sheikh Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5].